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Pre-Procedure Instructions 

Pre-care instructions are just as important as the after-care instructions. In order to prevent complications and to ensure you will benefit fully from the semi-permanent tattoo, it is strongly recommended to avoid the following before your brow appointment. 

Permanent make-up for eyebrows

* Do not pluck or tint your brows within 7 days of your procedure

* Do not work out 24 hours before your procedure

* No alcohol 24 hours before your procedure

* Do not drink coffee or any type of caffeinated beverage the day of procedure

* Avoid sun exposure and tanning 1 week prior to procedure

* Do not take Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, Fish oil or Niacin 24 hours before procedure

* You must be off Retin-A or Retinols 60 days prior to your procedure, and avoid using these on or around the eye area for 30 days. Please note that continued use of these products can fade the pigments prematurely. 

* You must be off Accutane for 1 year prior to procedure

* Botox - Should be performed either 2 weeks prior to your procedure, or 2 weeks after

* Fillers - Should be performed either 6 weeks before your procedure, or 6 weeks after

* You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

After care Instructions

The after care instructions need to be followed in order to prevent complications, proper healing and to ensure you will benefit fully from the semi-permanent tattoo.

Close up of beauty model's face

Day 1:

4 - 5 hours after your procedure: Wash the area gently using clean fingertips with warm water and mild/ unscented soap. Pat dry with a clean tissue. Gently apply a "rice grain" amount of Polysporin ointment to each brow using a clean Q-Tip.


Day 2: Continue the washing routine twice a day (Morning and Night) following the same instructions as day one.


Day 3 +: You can stop using the Polysporin, but please continue the washing routine as directed twice a day. * If you have dry skin you may apply a thin layer Polysporin as needed.  

10 days following your procedure please do NOT do the following:

* Use a washcloth on the treated area

* Pick or scratch the treated area

* Expose the treated area to hot tubs, hot showers, swimming, steam or saunas 

* Apply makeup, sunscreen or any other skin care products, creams or lotions

* Perform any heavy exercise, to avoid sweat on the treated area


The Healing Process
What to Expect

Healing chart

"It is important to trust the healing process"

Please be aware of the healing stages to avoid stressing about your brows. 

After the initial procedure your brows will appear darker and thicker due to the swelling/ irritation and initial pigment application. This will change and will not last. The healing stages include the following; Appear thick and dark, then they will become scabbed and itchy, almost disappearing completely, before finally healing to between 50% - 70% of their original depth.

Once you have gone through a full cycle of skin regeneration (4-6 weeks), most but not all of the pigment will remain. It is necessary to schedule a touch-up session to complete the  process.

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